Collaborating in Brasil

Talk about starting Brasil off with a bang.

On Monday the 12th I had the privilege of meeting with Clarissa Wagner, the social editor of Harper’s Bazaar Brasil and Site RG (a spin off of Vogue Brasil). She and I met for about an hour to discuss photography, São Paulo’s social and fashion scenes, her work and why I was in Brasil. We also discussed Clarissa’s personal site, The Passionist. She has a ton of ideas, projects, and plans she wants to tackle for the site but was looking for a photographer with the right energy, time and talent to collaborate with. I was looking for every chance I could find to explore my creativity, add to my portfolio and grow as a photographer. As our conversation progressed, the level of enthusiasm in the room became palpable. We both became aware of the potential rewards our joint effort would produce and decided right then and there to combine our passions and join forces.

As our meeting wrapped up, Clarissa wanted to immediately put something up on her site introducing me and my work to all of São Paulo. She asked me to produce a small write up along with examples of my work for her to publish. We also made tentative plans to meet up the following week to visit a crazy market to shop for future photo shoot props. I left our meeting and immediately set to work writing. On January 17, I was officially introduced to São Paulo.

New York City

As of writing this Clarissa and I have worked together twice. Our very first outing has already been picked up and published by RG. I will fill you in on the details of each outing in their own separate posts, but I can tell you that after spending time together and the work we were able to produce so far – we are going to make a great team. There are many exciting opportunities heading my way and the plans we have are really going to make Brasil take notice. I am beyond excited to share the upcoming work with all of you.

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