Rua 25 de Março

Last Monday Clarissa, Olivia and I went to Rua 25 de Março.

Rua 25 de Março is a street near the city center famous for the number of shops, street vendors and general commerce explosion that can be found in every nook and cranny. From our neighborhood near Sumaré, Olivia and I skipped on over to the metrô station and hopped on the green line. After a short ride, including a change to the blue line, we emerged from the São Bento station. This station empties out at the top of a very steep hill and offered a spectacular view of Rua 25 de Março spreading out below us.

The best way I can describe this area is if you took a shopping mall, shook it up like a snow globe, let off about a dozen glitter bombs and were then forced to run through the chaos as fast as you can while singing this song at the absolute top of your lungs. It was a sensory smorgasbord.

IMG_20150119_110424017     IMG_20150119_114842310     IMG_20150119_113716087

Giant carnival masks. Seriously, these are about 4 feet tall

There was a reason we were here other than for me to see a part of the city and Sao Paulo life though – to look for Carnival props. Clarissa wanted to find a variety of masks and costumes for Carnival and also write up a post about the whole experience (complete with images) for her website.After about 20 minutes of shopping and looking around we decided to bust out the camera and get to work.

Well, by camera I mean my phone. Typically Rua 25 de Março is very crowded (although it wasn’t to bad that day) and has a pretty strong reputation for pick pockets and Olivia thought it might be better to leave my camera at home. For the next 40 minutes or so I followed Clarissa around through the crowds and worked on snapping as many pics as I could. It was a little frustrating not having my larger camera as there were a few shots I wanted but couldn’t quite get with the phone. Overall though I finished the day relatively happy with the experience. Once I got home and started to go through the images, I realized just how good of a day we had. It amazed me to see a couple of the photos I was able to get with my phone. The technology in these pocket everythings really is amazing.

Stopping for lunch
The shoe shine guys just out of the frame were cracking up over this entire picture
Straight out of the phone – no editing at all

So I had a great day exploring a cool area of the city, worked with Clarissa for the first time and got a handful of great images. Pretty good for a first outing right? Well not so fast my friends, it gets better. After I sent the pictures over to Clarissa, she quickly got a post up on her site about our day. That is when the real good news showed up – her story and my images were picked up and published by RG.

Yes, RG. The biggest website in Brazil dedicated to everything happening in Brazil’s social scene: celebrities, parties, fashion. Less than 2 weeks in Brazil and my first job is published by a major publication. That’s pretty damn cool.

RG Publication

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