A night with Joss Stone

Last night I had the incredible opportunity to do what I love while watching Joss Stone do what she loves. The performance was a small pocket concert with maybe 120 select guests in attendance on the rooftop of the Le Lis Blanc store located on Rua Oscar Freire. The show was part of a launch party for the Le Lis Blanc Ruby collection and I was asked to take a few photos for the event. With such a modest stage and only a small number of guests it made for a very intimate performance. This was my first time ever seeing Joss perform and she came across as a very genuine and affable person – you could tell she loves what she does and is the type of person you could sit and have a nice cup of tea with to talk about the world. She began her performance around 10:20 and sang 5 or 6 songs before graciously saying goodnight. There was nothing too fancy about the whole ordeal and the simplicity of it all is what really made it stand out. Below are a few images from what turned out to be a fantastic and fun Tuesday night. And Joss if you are reading this, I hope you have a very lovely time in Brazil and on the rest of your world tour. And if you do ever want to get that cup of tea? I’ll be in South America until June.


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